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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental condition that is characterized by three main symptoms: difficulty focusing or paying attention, hyperactivity or being overactive, and acting without thinking, also known as impulsivity. 

The symptoms of ADHD can make everyday activities like work and school extremely difficult. In fact, many people with ADHD struggle in school, struggle to hold down a job, and struggle in their relationships, which is why it’s important to get an accurate diagnosis so they can receive treatments to help them succeed in work, school, relationships, and every other aspect of life. 

ADHD testing for adults and children is complicated; no single tool gives you all the answers. Here at Serenity Mental Health Centers in Lakewood, Colorado, we use the QBTest to aid in the diagnostic process of ADHD.

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What Is the QBTest?

The QBTest is a diagnostic tool developed by QBTech to help clinicians more accurately diagnose the symptoms of ADHD.

It is a computer-based test that tracks movement and attention with an infrared measurement system.

The results of the test are compared to data gathered from people of the patient’s same gender and age so that your doctor can compare your levels of activity and attention to those who don’t have ADHD. 

Studies on the QBTest show that doctors who use it can diagnose adults and children with ADHD more quickly and confidently. 

The QbTest also provides a baseline measurement to help your doctor evaluate any changes that may occur in your activity, attention, and impulsivity.

How Does the QBTest Work?

As stated earlier, the QBTest is a computer-based test. The patient is brought into a private room with a computer that has an infrared camera.

Before the test starts, a headband with an infrared marker is placed on the patient’s forehead, which is what helps the test determine movement and activity. 

Then the patient is given their instructions for the test, which are to press a button when certain shapes or colors appear on the screen. The accuracy of the patient’s answers will help the test track the patient’s impulsivity and focus abilities. 

The test lasts for about 20 minutes, then the results can be printed immediately. After the doctor reviews them, they will be able to better determine whether the patient has ADHD or not.

What Do the Results Mean?

Here is an example of test results from a seven-year-old boy with ADHD:

The two graphs on top report activity levels. The third graph reports attention and impulsivity control. 

The green circles represent the answers he got right, and the red squares represent the answers he got wrong. The vertical position of the symbols indicates the reaction time.

At the bottom of the page, the results of the QbTest are summarized with a number. The column labled “percentile” represents how the results of the test compare to others. 

A psychiatrist or another physician would be able to use those numbers and comparisons to determine an ADHD diagnosis and design a care plan.

Qb Test for ADHD

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